Lint JSON Output

I am able to edit and save JSON in a ReTool app. I click a button to output a JSON file using using the JS command:
return utils.downloadFile(oldJson, 'output_ruleset', 'json')

When I output the file, all of the JSON code is in a giant line
{"name":"preference v2.0.47","stage":"preference","rules":[{"note":"Send load test orders to vex","expressions":[{"lhs":"account_id","operator":"==","rhs":"01de2ba28b1d661471cc"}],"yields":[{"partner":"vex","weight":1}],"override":true},{"note":"Send QA account orders to Nahan","expressions[{"lhs":"account_id","operator":"==","rhs":"c3afe589dfc8b6f42d5d"}],"yields":[{"partner":"nahan","weight":1}],"override":true}

I need the output to be linted; our GitHub runs a CircleCI linter and it will automatically fail our code for not being properly linted.

Does ReTool have any built-in linting capabilities? How can I get my output to pass my lint test??

@boz01 and I figured this out in intercom!

The solution was using JSON.stringfy() to format the output before downloading the file: