Linking Multiple Multiselect Components

Hello, I am trying to create multiple multiselect components which are linked as parent and children.
Purpose is to filter down specific values in children component; related to value selected in Parent component. Once I the clear the Parent component, the child component is not being cleared to show default values. Also, if i select any other value in Parent component then no data is output on the chart.

Thank you.

Any screen shots you can share?
Maybe use a cascader component?

Hello, thank you for your reply. Sure i can show you some screen shots.
I have some filters which are applied to SQL query and shows data in charts.
By default: filter select all the values.

  1. When first multiselect has a value, we can only select the related to that in next multiselect components. As you can see in following screenshot.
  2. So when i clear the first component 2 and 4 component still has value selected, which is alrightish as it is not breaking any working of the tool.
  3. When i select the new value in first component, everything breaks, charts dont show any data because there is no result from query. I manually checked the values in SQL query, first filter has new value but component 2 and 4 still has old value, which should not happen (never happened before).
  4. After clearing the first filter again, old values which were selected in filter 2 and 4 show up again.

Thank you.

Hi @rai_umad! Hmm, would it be helpful to add an event handler that clears the other inputs when the first one is cleared?

Hi @Tess That is exactly how i solved it. Thanks for the suggestion.