Linked Tabbed Container Displays Only One View

I found an issue with tabbed containers. If you click a tabbed container header options, it gives you a droplist to link this header to other tabbed container and sync them. It may be useful in a situation when you want to switch view in second container based on user action in the first. But it doesn't work.

I created 2 tabbed containers and linked the second header to the first one, but the second container always shows one view.

:wave: @yeugenius

Just to make sure, what you want to accomplish is when you change the view on one of the containers the other container view changes as well?

If so you can do this if you set the default view of the second tabbed container to {{ tabbedContainer1.currentViewKey }}
Additionally you can set event handler on change to set the ViewKey of another container to be the same ViewKey of the container where you set that event handler. Here is how that would look like:

Hope this helps and let me know if I misunderstood what you are trying to get to here.

That's what I have tried to do. I have multiple tables in a tabbed view on the left with different records - images, tracks, text files, etc. One table for each bucket (buckets are in AWS or GoogleStorage).

I wanted to make a detailed preview for each file on the right. So when user switches between tabs on the left, preview tab on the right switches automatically for the relevant preview type. if I select images tab on left and start clicking though images files, peview is for images, when I switch tab for tracks, I have track preview etc.

I added 2 tabbed previews on the screenshot - the bottom is linked, and you see that its content is not correct. And the top is not linked, I switched previews manually but this is what I have tried to achieve.

Thank you for the screen shot and explanation @yeugenius!

Can you share what the data source is for the 'Linked Tabbed Container' in the bottom right?

It seems to be getting the data for books, based on the selected row. For the displayed data to change to grab the 'images' data from the row, you would likely need some logic to handle that, such as a ternary operator.

This would allow the source to change dynamically to either grab book or image data from the currently selected row.

As @Milan_Kalem described above, you can set an event handler on change to switch data sources. It is odd that from you screen shot you have 'images' selected but tabs3 is showing book data...

There should be some setting in the tabs3 component to take the incoming data and toggle between the two.