Line graph with data labels on each markers

Hello everyone, i'm trying to add text on each markers of my line graph and that not work.
Do you have some idea ?
Thanks for your help.
"name": "S_Out",
"x": {{ ['S_Month']}},
"y": {{ ['S_Out']}},
"type": "line+text",
"texttemplate" :"%{y}",
"hovertemplate": "%{x}
%{}: %{y}",
"transforms": [
"type": "sort",
"target": {{ ['S_Month']}},
"order": "ascending"
"type": "aggregate",
"groups": {{ ['S_Month']}},
"aggregations": [
"target": "y",
"func": "sum",
"enabled": true
"marker": {
"color": "#033663"

Hi @AntoineF, to add text to each marker on your line chart, you can use "type": "scatter" and "mode": "lines+markers+text". Hope this helps!