Line Chart Time Series

I have time series data that is triggered from a query run when picking the date picker start and end values. No matter how many results I return the farthest back the chart will render is about ~1.5 hours. It will render shorter results based on time ranges under that period. Is there a limit to how many values can be displayed/plotted on a time series line chart?

Hi @eprosimo! Is the underlying query data limited to about ~1.5 hours as well?

Thanks for the response, and as you suspected my query was incorrect. I was using JS to loop through a paginated API and I was not properly incrementing the page count. But, while you're here :slight_smile: do you know of a way to set a date picker value from a Plotly line chart when zooming into a time series value? There is a start/stop time in the zoom, but I cannot figure out how to return those values so they can set the date/time picker equal to those values.

Ah, awesome! Glad that's resolved for you.

Hmm that's a good question. In the left panel, we can see that charts have a selectedPoints property. Would that be helpful for you? There's also a dataseries source, but I don't think that changes with zoom. Aside from these properties, I don't think there's anything else we can extract from charts.

And event handlers are only watching for Select and Clear, not necessarily Zoom to a specific dataset.

Would you mind sharing more about your use case here so we can see if there are any workarounds? :slight_smile: