Limit operators by field in the QueryBuilder

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 5.42.34 PM

It would be awesome if I could limit the operators available for each field in the QueryBuilder. I'm already providing a dictionary with name and label to define the fields. Could we add in an operators entry in the dictionary that expects an array of operators?

For some of the fields, (e.g. floats and booleans), having IS NULL as the default isn't relevant. It'd be great to be able to limit to just = and !=, or those plus comparators.


+1. Any update here?

Not yet @Agustin_Luques but thanks for bumping this! It is something that's being tracked internally and I've bumped it there as well.

The component is nice, but it is too limited in term of customization.

  • Updating the list of operators
  • When using enum allow to use plain text value as well
  • Ability to just use the and/or +rule +group, idenpendently without the operator and value field.

It's a useful component but with the limitations we have to workaround.