License key in multiple EC2 instances

Hello, can someone help me with a question, please?. I have retool self-hosted installed on an AWS EC2 instance with Ubuntu 16.04.7. This is the production environment, and there are no other environments. There is a license key installed and functioning there, and I need to update the Ubuntu version to at least 20.04.x. However, before doing so, I would like to perform a dry-run on a cloned instance so that I can freely test there in case something goes wrong. My question is, if I clone the instance to perform my Ubuntu update tests, will the license key encounter any issues running on multiple EC2 instances at the same time? Will it become invalid, blocked, or will anything happen to it?. Thanks in advance!

I found this post that is related to what I want to achieve, and it says that it is possible to do it, but the post is from 2021 (very old) and I am afraid that this is no longer valid today.

Hi @jhon_montero!

You can definitely use the same SSOP license key, but it might impact your billing/user reporting. If you are just looking to validate that Retool runs after upgrading ubuntu, it might make sense to generate a Freetool key and use that, or not use a key at all (which will block you from some features or editing apps).

Let me know if you have any other questions here :slight_smile: