Lexoffice Finance Dashboard

Hey all,

I want to query the API of our ERP System Lexoffice ( lexoffice API Documentation ).
I have to to multiple calls - one call to get the list of all invoices and after that nested calls to get the data of all that invoices.
Additionally we have different types of invoices ("salesinvoices" and normal "invoices"). So I have to get all ids of both of them and then get the details via different API Endpoints /salesinvoices/ & /invoices/.

All the data should been combined to finance reporting (Revenue by month, week, year). Paid or unpaid invoices etc. etc.

I that possible with retool? And is it possible to handle declined calls and try it later? The Lexoffice API sometimes declines calls because of to many queries with the same API Token.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Hi @SebastianTh !

In regards to multiple calls, this sounds like a post we have here! http://community.retool.com/t/how-to-run-a-rest-api-query-for-each-item-in-an-array-and-return-all-results-together/2352

In regards to handling failure, we do have onFailure event handlers. They can be used to log the failures, or push the id of the failed queries into the temp state.

Here's a screenshot of how the temp state could be setup.

The value would be different of course! Here are our docs on Temp state as well: https://docs.retool.com/docs/temporary-state If you would need any more assistance let me know!

Thank you, I will look into that soon :slight_smile: