Legacy table Table(new) in Self-hosted version

Hi guys,

we've been using the free ReTool Cloud version to build a POC for a client and moved to the self-hosted paid version a few days ago, but encountered an issue:
A Table(new)" component seems to be missing in the self-hosted version, and we can't add the possibility to use Tags type of column..
See the example from the Cloud version:

Can we do the same in self-hosted version?

Thanks in advance)

Hey @Elina_Lapka, the new table should be broadly available in version 2.121!

What version are you currently on?

Hey @Kabirdas, thanks for coming back to me) We're currently on version 2.119.7.

Oh great! There are a couple of feature flags we can turn on so that you can have access to the new table on 2.119. For self-hosted orgs it's best to reach out to us directly at support@retool.com so we can confirm which license key we need to turn the flags on for.

Great, thank you for the update.