Legacy ...retool.com/datasources/##### not working

In the past few months, the link to the old datasources (retool.com/datasources/#####) has been displaying a 'useNavigate is not defined' error.

I have older databases there that I would like to access without having to query the data in an app.

Last year, the link to /datasources disappeared from the Retool menu, but I had the link saved and was able to access it. When the Retool database was launched, it would be nice to access the old datasources in the same way and in the same place.


Do you have the same problem?

Thank you!

Hey @Blitz, am able to reproduce the useNavigate is not defined error. I'll ping the team internally to have a look at this error. I know with RetoolDB launched, grid has not undergone any updates. Are you currently using RetoolDB as well? If so, my advice would be to query these older dbs and move any important data into a new Retool DB table.