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I have built a number of app for clients over the last two years. I have been working on tutorial/demo app for future clients.

I noticed that the modal component is now listed as 'legacy'. What does this mean for the old apps? Modals were used extensively so will the have to be refactored to remove the component at some stage?

Also, should all future apps avoid using the modal if it will eventually be removed from Retool?


In my experience, a "Legacy" component will only be removed once Retool has found a way to allow for migration to the "new" version of the component with a single click to "Upgrade" - For example, the new Table component cannot yet be automatically upgraded with a single click so the Legacy Table remains supported.
I would recommend going forward with new versions of components when building but keep in mind that some "newer" versions may still have to catch up with matching the same type of functionality in the "Legacy" components...overall IMO the way Retool releases newer versions they usually are very straight-forward in expressing limitations and the roadmap regarding feature sets in new versions versus Legacy components.

Hey James, thanks for the question! The legacy components will not be continually improved on as much as the upgraded components, so it's generally best practice to start using or switch to the upgraded components if possible to receive the component's newest features/improvements/bug fixes. To add on to @ScottR , legacy components are generally only removed when the upgraded component has received parity with the legacy component. We'll prioritize maintaining backwards compatibility and having an easy way to switch to the upgraded components so there should generally be no refactoring needed.

The upgraded version of modals is through Frames (image below), but legacy modals will still be available for the time being! Providing a fast upgrade from legacy modals to modal frames is currently not possible but will likely be possible in the future.


Happy building!


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