Launching Debug Tools

We're excited to announce that Debug Tools are now available for all cloud customers, and will be available in the next on-premise version! Debug Tools are a suite of devtools that enable you to investigate and debug errors in your Retool apps.

With Debug Tools, you can:

:warning: Get notified every time there’s an error

:mag_right: Quickly understand why and how errors happened

:flashlight: See a timeline of events to debug parallel queries

:zap: Inspect the state of all properties, including dependencies

You can access Debug Tools by clicking the bug icon on the right of the new status bar at the bottom of every Retool app, or by using the CTRL+` keyboard shortcut. The status bar is only visible if you have edit permissions. Check out our docs or blog post to learn more, and feel free to send any feedback to We’re excited to make debugging your apps quicker and easier than ever before!

I was really enjoying these new debug tools for a couple days but since seeing it when it was released it has since disappeared and not come back.

Has it been postponed? Is there a way for me to re enable debug?

Hi @biz, Could you share a screenshot of what you see on the right side of the bottom panel on your editor screen?

Great, thanks for sharing that screenshot! On your Settings > Beta page, have you turned on the Debug console and status bar?

Sorry didnt see this before.

The debug bar is there now... and this setting was off.

Hi there, same comment on our side, our team is saying the apps are super slow and we can't turn off this debug feature

edit 1: On our side we'd like to do the opposite, hide instead of display. We didn't turn that feature ON, but we can see the debug feature everywhere.

Thank you

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We are experiencing the same thing again. We had it disabled and we can see it again.

Hi! Is there any update on this? Have noticed dramatic decrease in load speeds on some of our applications, nor is this a feature that should be shown to our users. (we have to give edit access to people since this is the only way to expose the staging env. for testing)

Hi @Jeje & @stevenhdsdoor! Thank you for reporting this! I temporarily removed this feature for your orgs while we ship a fix for the performance issues! The fix should be going live soon.

For context, this feature was previously an opt-in/out feature (via the toggle mentioned earlier) while it was in beta, but it is fully live now, so we're removing the toggle.

@JoeyKarczewski We'll temporarily remove it from your org to address the performance concerns. We'll share this editor feedback with our team as a feature request

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. Otherwise, I'll post back here when this feature can be turned back on

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