Key values visibility issue despite 'hidden' field being true

I've run into a weird issue with my Key Values and the hidden rules. Despite setting the field to "hidden" = true, these values still show up:

And if I manually copy and paste the {{ item === "null" }} rule into the field, it actually works, and the values hide like they're supposed to. But, the moment I refresh the page, I’m back to square one with the values visible again. Can anyone help?

Hey, I found a similar problem with the new key-value component, related to tag colors.

on initial load, the tag color is not evaluated with the value, but with "undefined" but it does not change when the value changes. Only if I press "reset state" or change the code, it gets applied.

See here:

I'm posting here, because I suspect this is the same issue. I did not find a solution so far @Amelie , sorry :grimacing:

Hey @Amelie, @p0wl! I wasn't able to reproduce these errors on my side, do you mind sending the export of the app to help debug?