Key $numberInt must not start with '$'

Hi, I have following queries to add data into my database (MongoDB) , I have used
extended JSON format. The query looks like this :

{ purpose : {{purpose.value}},
 country_symbol : {{}},
 visa_type : {{ visaType.value }},
 visa_fees : {"amount":{ $numberInt: {{visaFees.value}} } , "currency": {{currency.value}} },
 service_fees : {"amount": {$numberInt: {{serviceFees.value}} }, "currency": {{currency.value}} },
 documents_list : {{docList.value}},
 apply_before : { $numberInt: {{applyBefore.value}} },
 duration_permitted: { $numberInt: {{ durationPermitted.value }} },
 entries_permitted : { $numberInt: {{entriesPermitted.value}} },
 validity_period : { $numberInt: {{validityPeriod.value}} },
 processing_time: { $numberInt: {{processingTime.value}} },
 created_at: { $date: {{createdAt.value}} },
 is_deleted: false

I'm getting error message key $numberInt must not start with '$'
How should I fix this?

Also can someone please confirm that my query is correct
as I'm new to using Mongo's extended JSON syntax.


Hi @Ritesh, Our MongoDB integration only supports MongoDB Extended JSON V1 and it doesn't look like $numberInt is a supported data type in that version. I suspect that's why you're getting this error here. Are you able to use a supported data type from MongoDB Extended JSON V1 instead?