JSON to Table Rows

Hi there,
I'm new to app development, but not new to programming & datasets.
I have a REST API query that I am running that returns an output like this:

  "jobs": [
      "id": 16862,
      "scheduled_datetime": "2024-01-12 08:34:00",
      "job_type_id": 1
      "id": 16863,
      "scheduled_datetime": "2024-01-12 09:34:00",
      "job_type_id": 2

I want to auto populate a list and use these fields as rows.
I have done some digging and playing around trying to get the data formatted so the software will read the array, but I keep getting: "The selected data source is empty or could not be converted to an array."

Transform results fields looks like this:

return data

I am rusty on javascript, but can probably hack my way through it if given an example. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I solved the problem by setting "Transformation results" to:
return data.jobs

And I'm able to access the data by using: