JSON Editor component schema validation

It would be nice if JSON Editor component could be backed by JSON/Protobuf schema validation. It already has some basic validation stuff (if JSON structure is actually valid), so adding an opportunity for more sophisticated validations (like types, regexp patterns, values ranges, etc.) would be nice to have. Similar to how it's already done in JSON Schema form.

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Hey @miarmak and welcome to the community! Custom validation is definitely something we want to add more support for in the future, but it's unlikely that we're going to add much to the JSON Schema Form going forward - we recently built a (basic) version on our own that lets you generate forms from a table in your database, and this is probably where we'll be building:

Just drag a Form component onto the canvas and click "generate fields from a database" to get started. Validation is pretty basic for now but we're going to add more :slight_smile: