JS Transformer not working for specific date ranges

Hello, friends! I've been designing dashboards with Retool for a long time, and I just ran into a very strange bug.

I have a dashboard that first runs a SQL Server query on a database, and that works fine. Then, the resulting query is passed through a JS transformer before feeding into several scorecards.

Everything about the dashboard works perfectly fine most of the time, but when I select date ranges that include several specific dates, the JS transformer returns an non helpful "function run failed" error with an empty message. I've triple-checked the database and ca confirm that there is nothing unusual about the results on the date ranges where this happens, and I'd be very surprised if anything in the JS code was bugged in a way that it only failed on specific dates.

Has anyone run into something like this before? Is there anything I could try? The debugger is also not helping at all.