JS Limited in Dropdown Column Type

I’m trying to populate the value options in the dropdown menu in a table column from some query data. When I create a dropdown menu object that is not part of a table, the javascript to do this works just fine. For some reason, the same JS within the table doesn’t work. It seems like the JS in the dropdown is being limited to only accessing data from that row and Retool isn’t allowing it to access data from queries and other elements outside the table row.

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Hey @matthewh, and welcome to the community! You’re definitely correct - I just ran into this exact issue last week (we wanted to populate a table dropdown with a compound primary key that came from a different query). Right now, the table dropdown is indeed limited in scope to that particular row, or hardcoded values. This definitely shouldn’t be the case and we’ll see what we can do to fix it!

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I’m hitting this as well. The ability to set the list of possible values in the drop-down based on another query, is kind of vital. Even if its only set for the entire table globally.

hey @matthewh and @jstillwell – this has been fixed! Thanks to @dominicwhyte on the team :raised_hands: