JS: Allocating value to invalid property of a component must throw error

When allocating a string value to an inexistent property, the JS query does not throw any error. It runs successfully and, even worse, it returns a value when I access the inexistent property why_does_this_not_result_in_an_error of component text2.

This is extremely dangerous since small typing errors can lead to code that works in unexpected ways without ever throwing an error.
Feature request: JS queries trying to access (get/set) properties that do not exist in component must throw an error message and fail accordingly.

let text = "hello world..."
text2.why_does_this_not_result_in_an_error = text
return text2.why_does_this_not_result_in_an_error

App as JSON: Test (1).json (7.5 KB)

I believe this is happening because a component is an object (from what I can see), so a non-existent property is called, a new property is created for the object:

This is still great feedback and I'll pass it along to our team!