Jira CSRF Detected

I am attempting to connect to a Jira Cloud instance using the Jira connector. If I use a personal OAuth token, it just fails silently. If I use an app OAuth 2, I get an error authenticating the app: CSRF Detected. I take it that Retool cannot call Jira in this instance. Has anyone made this work? Is there a magic setting I should check?

I have reviewed Encountered an error: CSRF DETECTED but I don't know how to apply this to Jira Cloud. I tried a manual OAuth connection to Jira as a REST API and it didn't work either, granted I don't think I had the authorize URL configured correctly.


Hi there @duanemusser

Happy to help :smiley: What's your JIRA resource set-up page look like right now? Do you mind sharing here? If not, please also feel free to write into support chat. We'd also be happy to carry along this issue there. Whichever you'd prefer :+1:

Thank you, @Pawan ! I found my company's support channel and have been engaging there.

Hey @duanemusser can you share your solution here?

Hi! Thanks for the reminder, @ruslan1 .

I had to use "https://api.atlassian.com/ex/jira/[cloud id]" as the domain, and not "https://[company].atlassian.net/api/v1/".

There is more information about getting cloud id here: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/confluence/oauth-2-3lo-apps/#implementing-oauth-2-0--3lo-

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Hi @duanemusser thx a lot for your answer.