Itemized Panel Build Tool

The App lets you choose from a predefined list of 'Items' that could go into an electrical panel - each item has values associated for cost, markup, build time.

You can also add new items which will be commonly added, and additially modify any of the default cost parameters. Those items will then be available permanently for future use.

Still in progress is generating a customer/internal copy of this to be printed or emailed.



I'm building something similar for quoting door hardware, what exactly are you doing for the new line on the button press? Is that a list view?

Looks great!

hi there,

yes, its a listview that im essentially adding to a Temporary state so i can keep track -- here is the JS executed when you hit Add

var Obj = Array()
for(var x=0;x<listView1.instances;x++){
	var newlist = {}; =[x].select11;
  newlist.qty =[x].numberInput1;
  newlist.time =[x].numberInput2;
  newlist.cost =[x].currency2;
  newlist.markup =[x].markupfield;
  newlist.material =[x].materialfield;


if([state1.value-1].select11 !== undefined){
	state1.setValue(state1.value + 1)

Pretty Rudimentary but works!