Issues with Float column

so float columns in tables are actually strings. That is leading to some unintended behavior. For example an empty column gets turned into “” which my API doesn’t accept as a valid number. So I have to check it in the frontend. Also, some other issues.

  1. If you type some random text in the float column it gets shown as NaN but in the record update it is whatever string you put in
  2. if you but in a badly formated number like 0.1.0 in the table for some reason it gets shown as 0.1 while in the record update its a “0.1.0” string. it can happen that my user puts in a number and accidentally formats it incorrectly. Then she saves the change and as a result she gets an empty field.

Overall these things could be fixed if the FLoat column would be a Number type instead of a String type in the record update.