Issues with Connecting Retool app to my RDS instance in Private subnet-AWS

I am trying to setup SSH Tunnel to connect to RDS instance via my Bastion Host. I download the public key of retool user as mentioned. But, still I am not able to make the connection with the key.

  • Goal: Establishing connection to RDS Instance in Private subnet-AWS which is my data source.

  • Steps: Tried following the steps as mentioned in the retool app config while setting up SSH Tunnel.

  • Details:

  • Screenshots: Attaching PNG file for reference.

Hello @Saurabh_Nikam!

Could you give me some more details on the error message you are receiving when trying to run the Resource?

Did you also provide a Bastion Port number?

Here are the docs on setting up an SSH tunnel, it looks like you also need to configure your bastion host to allow connections from Retool and to create a user account for Retool as outlined in steps 3 and 4 in the link.

Are you self hosted or cloud hosted?