Issues importing additional rows due to date field

I'm currently trying to import additional rows into an established retool resource table. I'm running into the following issue:
Screenshot 2024-02-05 144949

The field that's giving me this issue is in short date format in my CSV. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

Maybe try changing the format on the column (Datetime to just date) if it isn't sensitive.

Otherwise you could just create a small app that:

  1. Ingests CSV --> Formats the date column properly (Maybe using moment) --> Bulk upsert to resource.

From the error message it looks like one of the records is a blank date represented as "", no?

If so, maybe removing quotes when the field isn't populated (instead of ...,"",... you have ...,,...) would fix the issue.

If it is a problem in the import not converting a populated text short date (not "") to datetime, @Haseeb1399 is probably right on approach.