Issue with Split Pane creating a Double Scroll

  • Goal: Eliminate double scroll

  • Details: When I have a split pane and both "sides" (the normal app and the pane) have a single container, expanded to fit, and the container in the split pane has a particularly lengthy body, the app's "main" section appears to regain it's scroll bar, despite the "Expand to Fit" option being enabled for both containers. Scrolling down on it scrolls "past" the app (hard to explain).

The key here seems to be that the body of the container in the split pane would definitely scroll beyond the expanded container. It doesn't happen on containers with more reasonable vertical lengths, but unfortunately some of mine are unreasonably long.

  • Screenshots:

    Note the scroll bar for the container and then the second scroll bar for the main app.

Scrolling "past" the app"

  • App json export: Not Possible

By the way - the split pane is awesome. Huge fan 13/10

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Any thoughts on this? We love the split pane but the forever scroll really messed things up.

Soon it'll be really important - any insight into how to cure this or is it just a bug?