Issue with Saving “About” Texts in Profiles on Mythriveapp via Retool

Subject: Issue with Saving “About” Texts in Profiles on Mythriveapp via Retool

Dear Retool Development Team,

I hope this message finds you well. We are encountering a persistent issue with updating the “About” sections in the profiles of our heroes and experts on Mythriveapp through the Retool interface. Despite entering the updated texts and attempting to save them, the changes are not being retained.

For a clearer illustration of the problem, we have recorded a short video that shows the process and the issue we are facing. You can view the video here: retool on Vimeo.

It appears that the text entries are not being saved after submission, and this issue is affecting our ability to update and maintain our user profiles effectively. Could you please investigate this issue and advise on any possible fixes or workarounds?

Thank you for your assistance in resolving this matter. We look forward to your prompt response.

Best regards,

Hey @Karim_Allouche!

Can you share what queries are being run when you submit that form? How are you passing the information to Thrive?

Any links to their docs that you are using to set this up would be great as well. Thanks!

Hello, They are delivered via the API as soon as they are stored in the database.

Once they are in the database, it is done for Retool.

Hey @Karim_Allouche, I'm not sure what API and database you are referring to.

Can you clarify what Retool queries are run when you submit the form with the change?

Screenshots of how you have this set up, how you are passing the data to the query etc would be great. Also any links to Mythriveapp documentation that you have used when setting this up would be helpful as well.

Hey @joeBumbaca thanks a lot for your quick response. May I kindly ask you of 15 minutes of your valued time for a video call. As the whole content team are only retool users and no developers we would love to show you the bugs by sharing the screen. I am sure it‘s easy to fix for you when you see what retool does or does not. What do you think?

Hey @Karim_Allouche, unfortunately I'm not available for a call. If you, or one of the developers, could share the above information here I'm confident we can figure out what's going on. Thanks!

I sent you a pdf with the screenshots by replying on your email as I couldn‘t upload a pdf in this chat. Did you got it?

Hey @Karim_Allouche I haven't received any email from you. Can you resend that to

Done :+1:

Hey @Karim_Allouche, received your email. These screenshots are still all from the viewer side of things on the app (similar to what is shown in the original video). In order to understand what is happening and why it's not working as you expect, we need to see the actual query in the Retool editor UI that is run when you submit the form. How that is set up, where it is pulling it's data from, and additionally any API documentation that was used in creating the resource query. Thanks