Issue with ReTool

What won't this load?

@stockleed Welcome to the forum!
You need to reach out to Retool support(bottom right of Retool IDE) for this as no one who is NOT on the Retool team would have access to that because it's in editor mode...
Do you have any screenshots?

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We've sent him several emails and haven't heard anything back.
Below the screenshot

What is it trying to load? What kind of data/query? Do you see any errors in your debug window?
Does the query itself work when you do a preview/run?

We are trying to fetch the data from our Google Cloud postgres database
Absolutely here you go.

There is a fault in your query. Remove the double quotes before insider_trading.

Hi @stockleed removing the quotes, as @mbruijnpff suggests should resolve this error & allow you to query the insider_trading table

If it still doesn't work, I'd suggest trying to query insider_trading without the commented out line 1

Let us know if you run into any further questions with querying your data!