Issue with Resources connecting to MS SQL

Having an issue this morning where none of my MS SQL Resources are connecting. I have verified that it is not on my side. Nothing changed as far as IP Addresses or network. I have other systems that are able to connect to it just fine as normal.

Is there any known issues at this time on the retool side?

LocationTranslate: {"status":422,"message":"Connection lost - read ECONNRESET","statusCode":422,"error":"Unprocessable Entity","data":null,"queryExecutionMetadata":{"estimatedResponseSizeBytes":107,"resourceTimeTakenMs":190,"isPreview":false,"resourceType

I want to add that occasionally once per 30 minutes the test connection works.

Hey @tbommer, sorry to hear you ran into this. Is this still an issue for you? We didn't have any widespread issues then with the MSSQL connections. But definitely happy to dig deeper into it if you are still having connection trouble.