Issue with query scoping inside a ListView

Hello :wave:
I'm working on my first Retool app and having some issues when performing queries on a ListView.
I have this ListView with multiple results (companies), and for each of the results I'm performing another query that retrieves the "connections" per Company. But what I see happening is that the query is always using the first index, because i = 0.
I'm using {{[i].id }} on the query, to try to get the Company Id that corresponds with the index "i" on the list but it seems "i" is always zero:

This works well when there's only one element in the ListView of course:

Is this a bug? or are lists results not supposed to execute queries independently?
Thanks so much for the help

Hey @mariano.quevedo.consello!

Someone recently asked a similar question in this thread, I wonder if the solution there might be applicable here as well. Can you let me know if it does?