Issue with queri not working

Issue with queri

can someone explain why this queri

select *
{{formatDataAsArray(}} IC
WHERE IC.NAME_PARTNER = {{ tablaAlianzas.selectedRow.NAME_PARTNER }} AND IC.ADVANCE_MONTH = {{ tablaAlianzas.selectedRow.ADVANCE_MONTH }}

and this does not work

select *
{{formatDataAsArray(}} RF
where RF.NAME_PARTNER={{ tablaBrokers.selectedRow.NAME_PARTNER }} AND RF.ADVANCE_MONTH={{ tablaBrokers.selectedRow.ADVANCE_MONTH }}

it reads the array and the - "tablaBrokers.selectedRow.NAME_PARTNER " works but i do not know what is failing

Hi @Elisa_Reynal,

What are you trying to query? Queries like this are usually for databases, but it looks like you are reading FROM data from some other object/query named Your WHERE clause looks fine, assuming those columns exist in the data, but the FROM is unusual. Can you provide more detail?

The problem is that the table did not consider special caracters that have some names. I made a solution with -- currentSourceRow.nameOfField.

Thank you sharing your solution, @Elisa_Reynal!