Issue with OAuth 2.0 API authentication (Google APIs)

Hi Beautiful People! :wink:
I'm adding a Google API to our resources and am trying to authenticate the API using OAuth2.0. I've followed the instructions mentioned here to get Client ID/Secret etc. from Google. See attached screenshot for the API Resource I added.
But when trying to call the API from one of our Retool Apps I'm getting the following error:
"Invalid grant_type: client_credentials" (see second screenshot). Afaik the Grant Type should be "Authorization Code" but I can't seem to find where to update/set this in the request/resource. Any help is much appreciated!

Hello @Mik!

Can you try unchecking the "Use Client Credentials Flow" box right above the Authorization URL? That option is likely what's fixing the grant type to client_credentials. Let me know if that helps?

Hi @Kabirdas, that makes a lot of sense :smile: . Updated it and now works. Many thanks!