Issue with custom component development sync

  • Goal: Create custom component and sync it with another account

  • Steps: Create custom component and deploy to one account, and then sync it with another account.

  • Details: We've created a custom mapbox component. We've deployed it to one account and it seems to work properly. When we try to export app built in this account to another, and then reuse that custom component we need to deploy it to that new account. As per documentation says we should deploy component once, and with any other account we have to just sync it. After logging in to another account and trying to sync, we're constantly getting error 409: Conflict, so we're unable to add/sync that component to second account.

Another issue is, if we deploy same component to another account using npx retool-ccl deploy it works fine, but there's a problem with rendering that component. On original account it works properly, but on second one, it never launches, no error is showing. Only way to load it is to go to page settings > custom components and select the different version or same, but just open the dropdown and select already selected version. Then the component gets loaded, but after page refresh or in preview mode it does not work. On original account it works completely fine, loads all the time on edit mode as well as on preview. Please help with that, it's very crucial feature for our project.

We've also tried to deploy this component on both accounts, and then sync, but still same error 409: Conflict

There is a link to repository containing that custom component:

Hey @HuzarO, are your Retool instances self-hosted, or using Retool Cloud? Just synced my custom component library without issue, but wondering if there's an order of operations problem here.

If your instances are self-hosted, can you share the version number? Happy to dig in and get this working for you. Thanks!