Is this a bug? (Unable to select rows in table when data is filtered [PostgreSQL])

I have a few queries to run based on the row selected in the table. I also have a custom Filters form where we can filter the data based on specific fields.

App Link: Retool

Everything works fine until I try to filter the data or hit the Search button on an empty form. After the query is triggered to filter the data, I get the corresponding data in the table, but now I'm unable to select any row in the table, and the related queries are also not triggered.

I have created a dummy project to reproduce this error as I can not share the original project. I have also attached a Video demonstrating the condition mentioned above. I am using a single query to fetch the users: SELECT * FROM users WHERE ({{ !userIDFilter.value }} OR id = {{ userIDFilter.value }}) AND ({{ !firstNameFilter.value }} OR first_name = {{ firstNameFilter.value }}) AND ({{ !lastNameFilter.value }} OR last_name = {{ lastNameFilter.value }}) AND ({{ !emailFilter.value }} OR email = {{ emailFilter.value }});. I took reference from these pages: Link1, Link2

UPDATE [10/6/22]:
It seems as soon as I do anything to the filters form, the table row selection stops working. I have attached a Video for reference. Before typing anything in the form, the row selection was working, but as soon as I typed something in the form (not even submitted), it stopped working.

Here I have attached the logs which appeared in the browser console: Link

Is this a bug? I'm unable to find any mistake over here. Any help would be appreciated! :smile:

Thank you :v:

Following up here in case other community members run into similar behavior. We connected over chat and confirmed this was a Retool bug. The bug has now been fixed. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about similar issues :slightly_smiling_face: