Is this a bug? If not how to fix it?

Getting the image column value returns empty array:

Hello @khatanaashish!

It appears that when the table is gettin data from its data source, there is no image url string, which is why does not contain the URL string.

The image URL string seen in the table is created later when that empty column is mapped over the with string data from the s2Uploader2 component.

If you could share more information about the s3Uploader2 component that could help me understand how you want to use it.

If you want to take the string URL data from s3Uploader.lastUpdatedFileUrl and add it to your database, you could write a 'update' Query and then re-fetch on success the query for table2's data, so that the image URL is persisted in your database.

This would display the URL data in the table without needing to be mapped from the s3Uploader2 component and it will then be accessible from as well.