Is there any way to search the Component Tree? Or any way to go directly to a component by name?

Wondering if I'm missing something. I often will want to jump directly to a component, where I know exactly the name of it, but the problem is it will be hidden for example and really hard to click on because other elements are on top of it. As such, being able to just search for the component name and pick it would be so much easier.

As you can see, I'm scrolled as far to the right as possible here, yet everything is cut off:

The ONLY way I am able to actually read the component names is by making that Component Tree thing wider which is a pain and waste of space on the screen. Even doing that still doesn't help much as you still have hundreds of components to scroll through and try to find the one you want.

Right now, I click an element that's close to the one I want, and then I try to go through the component tree to find it.

For comparison, here's how it works in Bubble, you can simply type anything and it filters all components/elements to the ones you want:

I search by component name but I don't use the component tree (because I know what my layout is) so I use the debug window and in state there's a search box. Might help for your use case but agree the component tree is kinda basic.


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Another way to go directly to a component by name is using the Command Palette | Retool Docs

You can open the command palette with cmd+k or ctrl+k (depending on your operating system) and then search for any component! Once you select a component, you can also search for a specific property or select the first result "Select in Editor" - which will jump you to that component.

Hopefully that helps in the meantime - but we also hear the feedback that searching in the component tree would be nice, and that heavily nested trees are hard to read!


Yessss! This is perfect thanks so much! I get so sick of trying to find elements that are hidden under other ones and the component tree drives me nuts how there's no search. This will do perfectly fine for what I need.