Is there any way to get the index of a clicked row in an event handler when I've disabled user selection?

I can kind of solve the problem by using a table action, but what I'd actually like to do is trigger a "default" action if anywhere in the row is clicked.

Disable user selection will ignore all the click events, so "no" - you could try having the user selection events enabled and have it run a query on row click that does whatever you want to do with the and then does table.selectRow(-1) to "undo" the selection.
I guess it would look messy though and would be counter-intuitive for users.

It's also possible to set the selected row background to white if you'd like to maintain user interaction, but with no further indication!

If you also want to have a secondary selection indicator, you might try using a temp state and dynamically setting the background of each row based on that state.

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