Is there a way to trigger the click on 'S3 Uploader' component programatically?

I am trying to hide the s3 uploader but want to simulate the user click programatically. Is that possible?

Perhaps you could use the S3 resource to upload?

In that case, can the user select a file from their local drive? I want to be able to trigger the file selection as a result of a query...

Hi @bot_Sensei it doesn't look like any of our file upload components have an event for simulating a click :disappointed: We can make a feature request for that.

In the meantime, I'd recommend one of these potential workarounds -
-spinning up a custom React component
-Having an event that runs after your query to alert the user they need to submit a file
-Having an event that runs after your query to show a hidden file dropzone/file upload button

im just throwing this out there (im on my phone so cant test) but i think you could could add your own click event handler and then trigger it. sorry for any psudo code and typos

let myElement = document.getElementById("some_selector");
myElement.addEventHandler('click', function(event) {
  //put what you wanna do here as a result of clicking the element 
myElement.dispatchEvent(new Event('click'));

Adding event handlers to Retool components like this isn't supported :disappointed: