Is there a way to "pin" selected rows in a table?

I'm trying to allow users to search for and select rows from a table.
Is there a way to "pin" selected rows so the user can see the selected rows while they scroll/page?
screenshot for reference

Hi @clfw, If it's still helpful, Is this on a paginated table?

If so, then you could add the table.recordUpdates array from each page to a temporary state variable in a 'run script' event handler set to run on 'page change'. You would have to consider the problem of how to handle possible duplicate edits. I'd probably have the temporary state variable value configured as an object with each row id as the key for each edited row array. That way, in your event handler you could check the presence of the id in the object before inserting edits and either prevent duplicates or allow users to compare and choose which edit they want to go with.

If it isn't a paginated table, then edits should be persisted in the table.recordUpdates and table.changeSet properties when users scroll/change the table page and still be there when they return. I hope that helps!

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