Is there a way to delete unused queries?

I am breaking a giant monolithic retool into smaller sheets and want to find an easy way to figure out what is not needed. any ideas?

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oh man i’ve always wanted this feature! we don’t have this yet but i’ll bring it up again with the team

but for now you’ll have to do this manually :frowning:

Bumping this up, since this would be very useful

Noted, thank you! @Parth_Sharma would you also mind sharing a bit more about your use case? :slight_smile:

The use case was this:

  1. I had created a huge app on retool with hundreds of queries which ran each time it loaded
  2. Hence I decided to break it up into multiple small apps to improve performance and make it possible to edit the app without it hanging my system every other time
  3. But now I ended up with 5 different apps with hundereds of queries
  4. I eventually realized I should turn off auto-trigger

Thank you for sharing that context! I created a feature request for bulk editing query triggers. :slight_smile: