Is Retool Mobile ready yet?

I was working on a mobile app for some of our users. But, after trying to do a simple login screen and connect some data to a table I am kind of wondering if retool mobile is ready yet? Or should I just concentrate more on building out an app with the retool desktop editor (and just try my best for the mobile layout)?

Just wanted some general feedback from the community before I head down this road. Don’t want to get stuck. Thanks!

Hey from the mobile team, happy to help out. What are you looking to build? Happy to share some templates or how we've supported various scenarios.

Mainly I noticed there wasn’t a password field. I was trying to create a login page. Secondly, I just noticed how many controls the desktop web app has vs the mobile app. Didn’t see a lot of feature parity between the two. Thirdly, ran into a strange bug where I couldn’t change some simple things (I’ll try and post a gif of it tomorrow).

But, if you would happen to have an answer for the first two items it definitely would be helpful. Thanks!

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I’ll take the silence for the past three months that it is not ready yet. :wink:

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It is of course ready, we have many users and customers who have deployed it in their business operations and depend on it for critical workflows. We posted at least one case study showing the value of Retool Mobile and the problems it solves.

Happy to get on Zoom and answer questions interactively also.

Any feedback for any of the questions in this comment: Is Retool Mobile ready yet? - #3 by macphreak


@macphreak what is the question?

  1. Is there a password field available yet?
  2. Is there going to be feature parity with the desktop app? (Specifically, the components)
  1. No, sorry but I've added a +1 to the feature request internally!
  2. Maybe long term, but it's not a priority in the near/medium term -- we've found there are meaningfully different needs for traditional webapps and mobile native apps. E.g. for native apps, we've found most people are looking for more sophistication in certain areas, e.g. data scanning and hardware integration, while needing less sophistication in other areas, e.g. diversity of UI inputs.

@macphreak Regarding a password input, what are you trying to achieve? Building login forms in Retool Mobile is not something we typically see since users are logging into the app with the built-in login flow (that utilizes SSO if their Retool org has it configured), or Resource Auth or Custom Auth.

Component-wise, agreed with Braden - are there any particular components available in Desktop that you'd want to see on Mobile?