Is Retool Cloud FERPA Compliant?

Hi, I've been working on building a SIS for our charter school on Retool Cloud for the past few months. I've now begun to have concerns that this might not work for us due to FERPA. Does anyone know if Retool Cloud is FERPA compliant?

I've tried to find documentation and have found that Retool Database should not be used for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and therefore won't work for our purposes (see first article below). But I'm still unclear on Retool Cloud. If I used an external FERPA compliant database with Retool Cloud, could that work, or do I need to self-host Retool? I'd prefer to stay with Retool Cloud if at all possible.

Hi @Jennifer_FreedomPrep :wave:

We recommend consulting your legal team for the specific requirements of FERPA compliance. We have more info about FERPA if you would like to read more.

It may be useful to know that many of our customers who are concerned about data privacy tend to self host.

Thank you for reaching out. Let us know if you have more questions! :blush: