Is possible to clear the cache data in module's editable table?

Hello, I use modal with module. the module contains a editable table.

Every time, I click the modal column of different row, it will show the last cache data and with the loading ico showing the new data is on the way.

How to I clear the cache data before modal show?
I want a blank editable instead of the one with cache data.



I also have a question, how to resize the modal. I can't find the configure for this. the default width and length is too narrow. thanks

use the Layout section for the modal
Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 9.41.53 AM

As for clearing that value, maybe just hide the column until the new data is retrieved?

Hello, thanks for your reply. Yes, when I drag a modal component to canvas , it does has layout setting with "Modal width" and "Modal height".

But my case is open a modal by click a special column in row.



there is not option for width and height is layout for my case.


I read the doc

there is a "Open a Modal from an action button in a Table" section.
But I will use many type of modal in one table, this solution is not for me.
So can the retool team open this configuration for custom resize in "Open a Modal from a Table"

Hi @AnsonHwang

Thanks for reaching out!

For the modal size, you'd need to work around this limitation by using a regular modal where the hidden condition is set to true.

Then, you'd switch your modal column to a button column that triggers a js query with to open the hidden module

For the cached value, what if you use a temporary state value for the module input? You could trigger a query on modal open that sets the state input to the table's value and a query on modal close that resets the state input to an empty string. Let us know if that works!

Hi @Tess Thanks.
I have many modal in one row which use the same module.
every module is with different configuration.
It will be very redundancy to do this according to your solution.
Why not open the setting for modal which open from column?

We have an internal feature request on file for this! I don't have a timeline yet, but I'll post on this thread when we ship a fix :slightly_smiling_face: