Is it possible to mock the state of the current_user object in tests?

My team would like to be able to write some unit tests around levels of access granted to users or specific groups in our apps, but I'm struggling to find a way to properly mock the current_user object to put it in various states & assert proper levels of access to each kind of user. Is this possible today or is there any plan for it in the future?

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I think you would have to set up a bunch of users/roles in a database, or set of temp variables and simply assign a value to test against....

you could mock it as the input to a workfkow or as input to a module.... or make a workflow to just return mock data? not real sure where yall need access to ut, cause there is a like compamy wide preloaded js i think where u could define a prototype that all webbapps have access to (as opposed to proloaded js for just 1 project or a workflow w access control that returns ur test data)

If I'm following right, you're both suggesting some sort of proxy for the data exposed by the current_user object which should work in theory.

A secondary issue I'm running into here is the most natural way to proxy objects like this seems to be to create a transformer, but it doesn't appear I can mock the results of those during integration tests either. I'm unclear on how I could mock a global JS function in tests yet have it return real values in production.

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