Is it possible to make a button disable when input items are not entered

I am developing a modal.
I want to disable modal's button unless there is an empty item.

However, if button is clickable cannot be modefied according to documents.

Is it possible?
Uploading: button.PNG...

Hey @m.ueno!

You should be able to disable your modal button by passing a dynamic value to the "Disable when true" field:

The same goes for a regular button component:

Not that when disabled is set to true the clickable property will automatically be set to false, however. Is there are particular reason you'd like both to be true at the same time?

Thank you for answering my question.

I want to make modal's button disabled when modal has empty item.
So I set condition to disabled column.
However, modal's button is still disabled even if I input value to all items.

I added event handler but result is the same.

I also tried this comdition but button never become disabled if I once input value
to item1 even if I delete all characters from item1.

Hey @m.ueno!

If you're going to use || operators they need to be within the {{}} as well, otherwise Retool will parse the whole thing has a string instead of JS (and then because the string is non-empty it'll read it as true). Can you try passing {{!item1.value || !item2.value || !item3.value }} ?

Thank you for answering my question again.
I tried the condition which you suggested but
a button become active when I only input item1 and
never become disabled even if I delete all characters.

Sorry for the lack of clarity! This wouldn't be in an event handler just in the disabled field for the button.

I reach my goal by run script!
Thank you for ansewring my questoins.

Glad it's working! I would think just passing button1.disabled wouldn't have an impact on your app though :thinking: Do your settings look something like this?

Even with just the above settings (and no event handlers) you should see the following behavior:

Thank you for your confirmation.
I use both forms' event handlers and button1.disabled.