Is 'currentSchema' supported in database connection string?

For the deployment of Retool in the service type JOBS_RUNNER I use the environment variable DATABASE_URL to specify the connection to the database.

The connection string is exemplarily as follows: postgres://my-user:my-password@my-host:5432/my-database?currentSchema=foobar

The instance boots without problems. In the logs I don't find any errors and I even see that the migration was executed successfully "Database migrations are up to date".

Only when I connect to the database with a SQL client, there are no tables in the said schema and also the MAIN_BACKEND says at startup that migrations are pending.

As soon as I remove "currentSchema" from the connection string, everything works.

To me it seems like maybe something is missing in the configuration or that the currentSchema parameter is not supported at all.

Hey @DanielW!

It doesn't look like this is supported at the moment but I have surfaced the request with the dev team. Is there a particular reason you'd like for Retool to not use the default schema?

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Hey, thanks for the reply. For testing purposes, I used a database from AWS where there were already tables in the default schema, so I wanted to switch to a different schema. I was just wondering that the instances started without any other message, but it still didn't work.

For me there is currently no special use case. Good to know that it isn't supported at the moment.