Is a header in our app mandatory now?


Since today, when I start my app via a public link, it does have a header with our branding logo in it. Even if I don't have any header set up in the app:

Here is the link to the public app if you want to see for yourself:

Is this a new thing? I don't want nor need a header for many of our apps.

Thank you.


It seem caused by the setting of BrandedHeader. Maybe if you set this, it will apply all to your apps?

Here is docs

Once set, branding is visible to anyone using your organization's apps in user mode.

I think if you don't want to apply all this to all of the apps. You should use module which with navigation and company logo in it, and add this module to the header of which app you intent to show header.

Thanks! Is there a way to “unset” Branded Header?


Just delete it?

I don't see an option to delete the Branding Logo.

There is no option to delete the Branding logo.
I have now used a 1 pixel white PNG, but still, the header is still there:

Hey @PatrickMast! Is this something you were able to come to a resolution on or are you still seeing headers show up?

Hey @Kabirdas,

The new "Show logo in app headers" setting fixed it for me. I had to set it to OFF.

Thank you!