Inviting exisiting retool users to app

Hi all! A new retool user here. I’ve just finished working on an app that i’d like to share with other users. The problem is that I can’t invite them to my app since they already are existing users.
When I was about to share the app I asked them to go to retool and create a user, that was a mistake, because now I can’t add them to view the app I made.
When I invited another friend, who was not a user at the time, then she received an email with an invitation link that made her a member of my app, after she created a user using the link I sent to her.
Does anyone know the issue here? How do I share my app with already existing users?

Hey @daniel-andersson sorry about the issue. It sounds like we’ll need to archive your user’s initial account so that they can join your Retool organization. (Right now users can only belong to one organization).

I’ll reach out to you via email to get it sorted out!