Introducing the Split Pane frame

We're excited to announce Split Panes, the newest member of Frames. This layout pattern allows users to create a resizable and scrollable frame, with a custom width, alongside the main canvas. You can add a Split Pane frame from the Frames section, or drag it onto the canvas from the Component Tree.

Split Pane is rolling out on Retool Cloud this week. As always, feel free to add feedback or feature requests in this thread!


Thanks @anathan,

I'm sure there is a use case for this but I don't know what it is. Seems like it might be helpful one day.

Fwiw, I have been waiting for this for a very long time :slight_smile:

Enables modern workplace/productivity apps. Linear, Notion, Cron, Slack, etc.


When is Split Pane coming to onPrem versions of Retool?

Would love to have this enabled for our team.

This doesn't seem to display when it's used in a module (although the module allows me to add a split pane) - is this intentional? Or is it because the main canvas has a split pane of it's own and you're only allowed 1 per app?

In your short demo video for the split pane, when you resize it, it does not resize the underlying table. I can't seem to get this behaviour. When I insert a split pane it is inserted into the active container and shares the container space. When I resize the split pane the sibling element is resized too. How do I get the split pane to behave like a resizeable Drawer component as per your demo video?