Integrating Supabase realtime broadcaste in retool

Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to building no-code applications and don't have much development experience. However, I've successfully deployed a few client-facing applications without any major issues.

I'm currently exploring Retool and I'm curious about its capabilities for real-time updates using Supabase. Instead of performing a getItems query each time there's an update, which pulls all data from the database, I'm wondering if Retool supports real-time broadcasting from Supabase. Essentially, I'm looking for a way to automatically reflect changes in my application without the need for constant querying.

If anyone has experience with this or can share reference links that are accessible for someone building apps without coding experience, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @nizaeros!

Not sure if I know of any other users building with Supabase and using their real-time DB updates but hopefully some other users can comment on this post to help give advice!

I was looking through Supabase's docs and found this page where it looks like you need to get a JWT token for the user to grant them permission to use a JS code block similar to their example to subscribe to Postgres DB changes.

Normally I would recommend something along the lines of workflow events to poll the database at a scheduled time but it looks like Supabase can only send updates on changes from their end. If you test out their example I would guess that it might work if put in a Javascript query, let me know if that works!