Integrating retool admin panel into existing app (React Native and MongoDB)

Hi everyone,

Currently part of a team developing a social networking app (MVP) using the abovementioned frameworks. Will be looking to create an admin panel to be able to manage users (an admin role) that is to be able to keep the conversation safe. I'm non-technical, and development is done by a consultant.

Was wondering if it's possible to integrate a Retool panel into our existing app?

Best regards

Short answer: If all of the data you need is in Mongo, then yes, Retool can access it and do anything you want with with the data.

However, Retool does require at least a little knowledge of JSON, Authentication and JavaScript to get something really useful. It is a Low code, not a No code platform. If you have access to that then you can save yourself some time and money (over React) making backend apps that are very useful, if not beautiful.